MOM is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in Dallas, primarily creating conceptual, readymade sculptures. Graduating with a BFA in Fibers from the University of North Texas, she learned to experiment with non traditional media as an attempt to escape the craft-like nature of textiles. Inspired by the Pop Art movement, for their recognizable imagery and brands, alongside Marcel Duchamp and his use of common manufactured objects, Chaney has combined the familiarity of both styles to communicate clearly with the audience. 

Her current body of work is inspired by the socio-political climate in America surrounding COVID-19 and the BLM movement of 2020. With these works she intends to engage the audience in a discussion about their perception of and participation in the world

and the historical context affecting them. In addition to this work, Chaney is the co-founder of artist co-op,TRADE, in Oak Cliff. There she designs, produces, and sells hand printed and pressed apparel under the pseudonym Made By Mom.